The coaching city of NEET and IIT-JEE exams in the country

Nowadays, the academics have changed students pour lots of money on these coaching classes for NEET and other exams. Kota, a city in Rajasthan appears to be the capital city of these coaching classes with an average revenue income of rupees 1500 crore. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the single medical entrance examination in country through which admission on all medical college seats will be held and all states will have participated in it. The coaching classes in Kota showed some good results, out of 1.2 lakhs have appeared for this exam through these training centers and around 50,000 to 60,000 have got cleared in NEET examination.

A mandatory exam for the medical college that adds a fuel to the business

Before NEET exams became mandatory, the active participants in these coaching institutes are mostly from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and other parts of northern India. According a medical counselor in Kota coaching institute said that, states like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh have participated in this  NEET and other all other states except Tamil Nadu who has their own state  medical counseling which is done with their 12th standard cut off- mark. But now this had become mandatory for all states, the number of aspirants would arrive to Kota for admission in these coaching centers are higher than the previous year.

No more room for the new admissions in these coaching classes

The coaching classes in Kota are already filled some much admission as they start to face lack of space for these to accommodate and are fleeing from all over country to Kota. The director of one of the coaching center in Kota has gained much profit through the admission as the profit percentage increase about 4 percent than the previous year.

Students have already joined in these coaching centers before March month, and March is best season for the business as their academics are getting over. Not only they train for the NEET exams, they also provide coaching for the IIT_JEE exams. There are many coaching classes all over the city and each one have a quality to excel their students. Nearly 11.5 lakhs aspirants are appearing for the NEET exam and over 12 lakh people are appearing for the JEE exams. Roughly around 40,000 NEET students have got cleared in exam where there is only 50,000 seats are left, this is their success rate. Kota also has grabbed the all India ranking top spot for the past two consecutive years.


In a day and age where technology and ease of use has taken over each sphere of human life, so much so that you can buy things to clothe you from top to bottom, and see to it that every single one of your needs is met sitting right in your room, the actual definition of the word shopping has seen a sea change. But no matter how easy e-commerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon make shopping, several people still seek out the experience of old school shopping.  Indian shoppers especially need to be convinced that they are getting much more than what they are paying for. Luckily, India offers this in abundance with its multitude of budget shopping destinations. And one of the shopping capitals of India is Bangalore!

If bargaining was ever made an Olympic event, the gold medal would definitely go to a Bangalorean. And the several budget markets in and around Bangalore ensure that the average shopper gets ample bargaining practice. Among these several markets, the most famous and the one that sees the maximum volume of customers per day is Chickpet.  It is famous for having every known variety of saree and also for its affordability. Apart from traditional garments, Chickpet also offers jewelry on a budget.  Silver and gold ornaments at a vast price difference compared to other jewelers are available here. This market has kept bargain hunters happy for nigh on 400 years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Brigade road is a perfect example of a place showcasing both ends of the price spectrum. It has generic designer outlets and brand showrooms, as well as its own collection of budget stalls and small shops. Anything from handicrafts to cloths and spices are available at reasonable prices. In spite of the mushrooming of expensive outlets in and around it, Brigade Road has stayed true to its origins as a budget shopping destination.

No article on shopping destinations anywhere is complete without a mention of Commercial Street. For the skilled bargainer, this street is a dream come true. Name the item you want, and there is a deal to be found for it. Sports enthusiasts especially will love Commercial Street for the amazing deals it offers on sports goods and accessories. Traditional and imported footwear, electronic items, biker apparel are all available for half the price at branded outlets. Shopping statistics show that commercial street has the most diversity in age of shoppers. There is something for absolutely every age group!


The demand for admission in business and management studies is constant across the globe. Premier universities face a literal deluge of candidates every year, all boasting high test scores and impressive resumes. The admission committee has the unenviable task of sifting through this mountain of candidates and selecting individuals who they think possess the leadership skills and aptitude to become productive members of the corporate world. A very effective tool that aids in this selection process is the personal statement, a staple of admission procedures at premier institutes.

Several things have to be kept in mind while writing your personal statement to augment your chances of admission. Some of them are

  • Planning out your statement: – The committee is looking for individuals who will contribute to an atmosphere conducive to productive thinking and learning. Spend adequate time thinking your essay through and ensure it presents yourself in a positive light without going overboard. Be sure of the structure and tone of your entire statement and only then start writing it.


  • Stress on your quantitative skills: – Business courses generally include elements of accountancy and finance, for which strong fundamentals in mathematics are a prerequisite. Use the statement to mention what mathematical skills you have gained in your previous courses.
  • Place emphasis on your leadership and problem solving skills: – Several times during your corporate career, you will be faced with problems and expected to come up with solutions almost instantly. Use the statement to convince the committee that you are equipped with the skills to do so. Choose anecdotes and instances from your life where you have showcased your leadership skills. Ensure that these anecdotes are in the recent past and relevant to the course. Show the committee that you are capable of logical and rational thinking even when faced with challenges.
  • Use relevant examples of extra-curricular activities: – Committees look for a very specific skill set in candidates for admission in management courses. Ensure that all the extra-curricular activities mentioned in your statement are in some way related to business and management, and convince the committee of your expertise in the same.
  • Steer clear of clichés: – Committees read several statements every day and it takes considerable effort to catch their attention. Make sure that your statement is a reflection of your personality. This ensures an element of originality and uniqueness to it. Use the statement to give the committee insight into your general thought process.

Keeping these in mind aids the writing of a personal statement immensely.

Save Earth by switching to Eco friendly cars

There is a new era is born in the automobile industry is the eco-friendly vehicles which is already rolling on the roads. These vehicles which are run mainly by the electric power source which provide zero emission of gas. Many major automobile companies still in developing their electric cars but can’t able to come up with an idea.

Countries like India, which has a huge population rate and a good automobile market, are not encouraging these kinds of eco-friendly cars. Delhi the capital of India stands second in the world when it comes to air pollution. People are not aware of this carbon emission that affects both the humans and environment. So it is better to switch from these oil pumping vehicles to an eco-friendly battery vehicles. These vehicles can also save your pocket by cost cutting from fuels, all it needs a full charge load of battery to power it up.

When comes to electric cars they are the pioneers

Tesla is the leading American car manufacturers that produce only eco-friendly cars especially electric cars. The company was started in the year 2003 and reached greater heights by just creating only zero emission cars. The company got eyes on the world by developing an electric sports car that is equally matched to BMW and Benz in the market. Tesla now currently has about four models in their hand and is planning to come up with another car later this year. The model will be released at the mid of this year and it’s going to be a breakthrough in the car industry.

Save Earth by switching to Eco friendly cars

New breed is born in Tesla and are ready roll out

The Tesla’s new cars the model 3s prototype is caught in the cameras and is amazingly stunning with their vibrant colors and features. Their new model will be the direct competitor to the BMW 3 series. They have plans to make a target of 4 lakhs at the end of this year, and this is their biggest leap. One of the important features of this car is that it comes up with the self-driven mode; literally the car is automatically driven by a computer. The self-driven option comes as an additional feature on the earlier model for cost of 3000 dollars. This new model has a good battery backup, a single charge can run for about 70 miles and the company has kept about 719 charging stations globally, so there is no worry of charging the car.

bullock cart race

Horns racing against the wind in Maharashtra

A bullock cart race becoming the trend of now-a-days involves the emotion of the people along with animals. Each and every animal are very special creation designed for different purposes. A bull is such an animal which is mostly used to plough the land and help the farmer in a very fertile way. They are not just animals but they represent how animals have influenced our culture. These bulls are used to race for some specific reasons like increasing stamina, development of breeds and so on.Bulls are not only for agriculture purposes but also they are being tamed for bullock cart races.


It was legal to race a bull in olden days but as far as now it is found as a biggest threat to animals. Lately in Maharashtra, people had fought to organize bullock cart race against PETA which is a good organization working for the welfare of animals. PETA has announced recently that resuming the cart race on road is impossible.

Rural Sport

It is a famous sport in various parts of India. But after enquiring about animal’s being tortured for sporting a ban came into act in 2014. It was found that bulls were exhausted to run too far. This sport has been practiced by many generations in India. It is also one of the oldest rural sports of our nation because it was practiced from 400 BC. Still now there are evidences that bull fight has been practiced from ancient times. There are so many different sport developed rather than bullock cart racing like bull chasing and so on.

Ask and it shall be given

Based on the quote there was a huge cloud of people gathered in various places of Tamilnadu state to protest the ban of jallikatu and finally it got succeeded. Bullock cart race happened in various villages of Tamilnadu. By following the same approach Maharashtrians have asked out for bullock cart race to be organized in a peaceful manner.

 Rules for race

TN State recently conducted bullock cart races with a particular discipline. Whenever or where ever the race has to be conducted the bull should not be given any forms of alcohol or beaten up with nailed sticks. Several measures were taken in order to protect bull from cruelty. In order to take care of that, bullock cart race or bull chasing should be conducted only on behalf of a government officer.

As far as now bullock race is concerned, it is still in ban state in Maharashtra.