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3 Easy Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers and Likes

Are you tired of posting day-in and day-out in the highly popular social networking portal that is Instagram and you’re only getting a few likes out of every picture? We now live in an age wherein getting more social media “Likes” can make a person happier, and science can even back that claim.

So if you want to feel happier than you already are, then you need more Instagram followers and likes. The process might not be as difficult as you might think. Here are three straightforward ways for you to gain more followers and likes in this social media portal.

Tip #1 – Have a Common Theme

 If you only post random pictures on Instagram, chances are you’re not going to get noticed. Think of the social media portal to have its own search engine. To put things into perspective, if you have a website about dogs and you’re trying to promote for things for cats, fish, and even car lovers, then you’re not going to get to your desired audience. So if you have an Instagram account about your dog, then post nothing else but your pet pooch’s adventures. Also, use the appropriate hashtags for every post, such as #dogsofInstagram and #adorablepuppies.

 Tip #2 – Stick to a Particular Schedule When Posting

 It’s always important to let your followers know when you’re about to post a photo. 7 AM, 12 noon, or 9 PM – the choice is yours. No matter what time for you to post pictures on Instagram, remember to stick to it. Also, you’ll target more prospective followers if you stick to a schedule, especially when you’re trying to target a specific locale in a different time zone. The moment they try to discover interesting photos on Instagram and it just so happens that you’re posting whatever it is that they find interesting, and you post at an opportune time for them, then you have a high chance of increasing your follower base. After all, more followers mean more likes.

Tip #3 – Stop Being Boring

 If most or your visitors are coming to your profile every day just to take a look at your cute pet corgi, you might suddenly throw in a picture of a White Café Mocha in the mix. Giving the people what they always want doesn’t mean that you always have to post the same old boring stuff every day. Throw in something else in your Instagram feed from time-to-time, and it’ll make your feed less boring. If you’re into photography and your feed is full of models, then why not just throw in a picture or two of your feet in the sand just for the sake of it.

Note that these are not the only ways to help you gain more Instagram followers and likes. There are other methods out there to grow instagram followers free. Just follow what others are doing and why they can rack up thousands of followers in comparison to your measly 20. You can also the get the help from social media marketing companies who can manage all your social media accounts.


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