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4 Amazing Deal Toy Designs, You May Want

Deal toys are very exceptional gifts perfect for occasions like company events and promotion celebrations. These are also good award trophies for awarding ceremonies. These are also wonderful remembrance trinket to give to your attendees.

Since deal toys are customized, you may want to be more creative in picking the amazing shapes rather than the regular rectangle, block or cube type. Luckily, deal toys can be molded like sculptures. Here are some amazing deal toys designs you may not that is possible and you may also want.

Various Countries

Yes, this is possible. The shape that we are talking about here is the country’s land shape. You will need a geographical map for this one. Your deal toys can have the shape of USA, Australia, UK, France, China, Japan and so much more. Even archipelago countries like the Philippines and Indonesia can also be the shape of your deal toy. This type of designs is used on deal toys on events related to the country. A Madagascar shape deal toy award can be given to someone who has a huge contribution to protecting wildlife there. It can also be an award to someone who started company branch in that country.

lucite awards #5


This is a very creative and innovative form of deal toys. This is an acrylic shape like a partially opened book with real paper pages inside. The message or details can be printed and be placed in the paper pages inside of the molded book. This can be given as an award or gift to authors or book lovers.


If you had seen one of these, you may mistake it for a real giant cube ice with a frozen paper inside. You may be confused on how the paper got in and how come the ice doesn’t melt. Well, you are definitely fooled. This design also includes some watery and frozen features that will make it look like a real ice cube. This can be given in any occasion and will definitely be a wonderful display.

Shopping Bag

The shopping bag shaped deal toy with strong rope handles will definitely have you amazed. You are also free to hold the handles when carrying it. This is a good giveaway for shopping malls and an appreciation trinket to valued shoppers.

With a clear imagination and wonderful ideas, you are bound to come up with a very out of this world deal toys design. You just have to make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. If you are already thrilled about these mentioned designs, you can see pictures of these at lucite awards #5 and even had one of these designs made for you.

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