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5 Don’ts in Applying Vehicle Graphics

Because of the great advertising benefits of vehicle graphics, not only the big companies are investing on this movable promotion ad but also the mini companies. Since this type of marketing tool garners a lot of attention from thousands of people in different locations every day, small companies also include this on their advertising plans and make a budget for this.

However, before applying any graphic design on your company’s vehicles, there are things that you should take into account. This must be taken into mind to avoid any mistakes and additional costs. Be reminded that graphic vinyl wraps are really expensive. So before regretting any decision, here are five don’ts in applying vehicle graphics.

Don’t Base Only On The Digital Template

Due to high technology, you can use a digital template to give you an overview of how the design will look on the vehicle. This is provided by the vehicle graphics company you had chosen. Of course, this will seem cool and fascinating that will definitely convince you to make a hasty decision. However, do not base only on the digital template. Let your designers see the vehicle personally to avoid any mistakes. So if they see some unequal measurements, they can adjust the template. This will definitely have you avoid extra costs.

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Don’t Use Plain Designs

Even though vehicle graphics are eye-catching, but a plain design can deteriorate this important characteristic. Do not go for a plain design because this can make your ad vehicle indistinguishable from other vehicles. Go for bold colors and designs. The goal is to make your ad stand out and noticeable.

Don’t Congest Your Designs

There is nothing wrong with putting lots of designs on your vehicle but just make sure that you don’t put too many designs. This will get your advertisement looking congested. With so much going on on the designs and a very little time for viewing, your audience will fail to receive the message that you are sending them. Their eyes will just get caught up with the images. Always remember that the simple ones are the most attractive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Don’t ever think that your designs are too uncommon. Remember that the things that are new to the eyes are more eye-catching. So, don’t be afraid to put your imagination out moving around the streets. Just be confident that it will go out as planned.

With these things to take into consideration, vehicle graphics advertising will be a piece of cake. You will definitely enjoy its strong marketing benefits and impact. This is definitely not a waste of money.


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