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5 Mario brother characters who will win you over

Mario is a character familiar to almost all of the 80s and 90s kids who loved playing video games. Being one among the most popular video games of its time, Mario sinks into your heart even today, proving that it’s a classic and its charm will not fade away with time.If you too loved Mario the plumber, you would surely remember a few other characters who also helped the game reach its level of awesomeness.

Don’t know much about the characters? Well, don’t worry; here are the names and stories of a few among the most interesting mario brother characters that surely will make you love them even more.

1)    Mario Mario

The character of Mario entered the gaming world in 1981 with his appearance in Donkey Kong. Mario has appeared in over 200 games since his first appearance. The little fella is a plumber whose major motive is to rescue Princess Peach who is usually held captive by the villain.

Mario hails from the land of mushrooms and eats his energy mushroom to grow taller and stronger, just like how Popeye gets stronger as he eats his spinach. He collects gold coins and energy mushrooms along his way and digs down into the underground through the pipes to collect more gold and reach different places, like an adventurous plumber.

2)    Luigi Mario

5 mario brother charactersLuigi Mario is the hulky brother of Mario our main hero. He helps Mario in saving the princess and often comes when you switch the game to a two-player mode. He looks just like Mario but with a green colored dress and hat. Luigi was actually born due to a color palette swap and was first seen in 1985.

3)    Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the pretty girl who Mario has to rescue from the villain. So, a plumber is on a mission to save this princess. But why? Unless he’s in love with the princess or he’s an undercover agent spying around as a plumber. It’s much believable and fun assuming there’s a love story.

4)    Princess Daisy

If Mario is in love, what about Luigi? It would be sad to see him alone throughout the game without having an interesting love life. This is where Princess Daisy comes into the picture. She’s the love interest of Luigi. She’s also a princess just like princess Daisy. Now, it’s hard not to wonder why all the plumber guys fall in love with princesses.

5)    Bowser Jr

Now everyone remember the little demon that kidnaps the Princess and keeps her in captive, but not everyone remembers his name-Bowser Junior! He’s one among the most memorable Mario brother characters. He’s annoying and he follows whatever his father- Bowser says and was first seen in Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario bros since its beginning has undergone many changes resulting in the birth of different versions. There are many characters other than the above mentioned five who are friends or enemies of Mario and Luigi. To learn more about them in detail, visit is a website that brings you the latest news and videos from gaming industry and helps you decide what to buy or download.

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