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The advent of internet has opened a new era of online games which have become every kid’s fantasy, every adults pass time and is playing prominent role in the entertaining the users. There are many service providers who provide games online and is catering the gaming needs of the users. Many of these service providers provide a gaming experience on a single platform and seem to be appealing the needs of almost all the stake holders, as there are games which aim at enhancing the brain powerof kids. On the other hand these online service providers provide online games which satisfies the gaming needs of adults as these gaming providers provide games like Bridge games, Rummy and many others to wail away boredom. Further, these gaming service providers are two type, one which provide unblocked games which are mostly ad supported, no need to pay games and the other is pay and use which of course appeal to have a hassle free platform to play the game.

unblocked games

Why dousers prefer these games?

However, these games support single user and multi user as the medium of playing is same i.e., internet. Most of the users prefer to unblocked games as they are free of cost and many users are available online to play multi user games. The games which charge the users seems to be appealing their friendly Graphic User Interface and ease of use. Most of the games online available now a days are adventurous and are successful at provoking interest in the users. These games seem to quench the thirst of online gamers but are avoiding the children to play games out door, which is indirectly compelling the children to get addicted to the electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets. But, on the other side of the coin the users both adults and children are able to increase their IQ levels by playing games like puzzles, chess & Sudoku. Apart from the games like puzzles, chess & Sudoku the other games are also proven to be helpful in boosting responses of the children and adults.  The games are so flexible that they can be played at any point of time round the clock as the users are present throughout the world. Some of the game are also provided by the social networking sites which are proven to be affective to increase friends online and are more adventurous and outlining in nature. Some online games are also satisfying educational needs of kids which enable them at learning basics in playful manner.

Online games seems to be appealing the entertainment needs of adults and educational needs of kids, but are confining the users to the electronic devices and are hampering the health of the users mostly kids as they are addictive in nature.


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