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Aspects to consider when hiring staff

By hiring staff, focusing on the talent and passion of the candidate, rather than their titles, is one of the new trends in human resources.

Regardless of the size of your company, one of the most important tasks of human resources management is to form an excellent team that ensures that the union of coordinated individual effort multiplies into great results.

The harmony and good atmosphere at work results in increases in productivity and in the consequent success of both the staff and the company.

There are some  key aspects to consider when hiring personnel for your company:

Give priority to attitude and personality over a title

Check out here A person who knows how to work in a team, participating to contribute more than to compete, and that involves the team in their own goals, has more value than another candidate with overvalued titles in a curricular summary.

Privilege talent over experience.

 A talented person can be trained and offered challenges, in addition to easily adapting to the team. If he is also complete, ethical and has a work attitude, he will always be able to learn technical skills; more it will be difficult to teach different ways of doing things and reconfigure the personality and way of seeing the life of an experienced person, but with a shortage of talent and values.

Importance of technology in growing companies

Find matching values between the candidate and the company.

 It is essential that the prospect know what your company is doing, its mission and its products, showing interest, pleasure and, if possible, even passion for your products or services. A person with a culture that matches yours and the companies will make a difference.

Focus on competencies

The skills are important and should be required to fill the post. If they go hand in hand with intelligence, hunger, and willingness to learn, they achieve a perfect balance

Put the prospects to the test.

 Sometimes it is necessary to carry out practical tests or assign specific tasks that demonstrate that, effectively, the candidate has the required skills and is able to carry them out. While you make them you can also realize the way in which you process the information, the questions you ask, how you set your priorities and your use of logic and knowledge. It is important to highlight that only those candidates who are already being considered for hiring should carry out said tests.

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