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Be Inspired By The Challenging Life Of Brandon Webb

Not all people have a lot of achievements in life. In fact, there are those who have achieved less but really boastful. Being boastful can be a good attitude of a person to lift up oneself for good purposes. But if anyone boasts himself just because he wants to, then this is not good. It is still better to stay humble.Brandon Webb Navy Seal A good example of being a humble and successful individual is the challenging life history of Brandon Webb Navy Seal. Webb is a founder of Hurricane Group. With his very challenging life that begins at the age of sixteen, not everyone can become a more successful individual. If an individual was not yet on his legal age, he might be on the right path in life. But, Webb proves that if you have the dedication and determination to become successful, you can make it.

Former Navy Seal get promoted

With his very challenging life as a Navy Seal, he did not give up. His life in the military taught him more about how to mold his life. As a US Navy, he served with the SEAL Team 3 and completed the sniper course. He then served as NSW (Naval Special Warfare) west coast sniper course manager. In fact, he had completed 4 deployments to the Middle East as a paramilitary contractor. His challenging military life teaches him how to be strong during his young age. As the SEAL sniper course manager, this is his proudest accomplishment in the military life. He produced deadliest snipers in the history of US military. While serving as advanced sniper instructor at NSWG-1, Brandon was promoted to E-6. He was then recommended and got promoted to (E-7) to the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

Career after military life

Webb received service awards from the former US President George W. Bush and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation. He received a medal with “V” device, it means for valor in combat. After that, Brandon ended his Navy career to spend the rest of his time with his own family and focus on entrepreneurship. Now, Webb focused on investing in technology and building companies. Being the founder of the Hurricane Group, he also co-founded GSD Logistic. Webb is regularly featured in the media as a business subject matter expert. In fact, Webb is a best-selling author in the New York Times. His books were not skipped by many young people today considering him as an inspiration.

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