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Benefits of Meditation cushions

Meditation always gives you a better feel to the mind by setting the sitting posture. To keep the posture more easily, cushions are used. They are more affordable for all ranges of people.  Here are some tips to know about the best meditating cushions to choose:

Benefits of Meditation cushions

Ways to pick up the best cushions

  • Know your posture: People have many postures while meditating, some uses cross legged and others kneel down. So select the cushion according to the posture of sitting. It should be thin and shape of your choice, but squared ones gives more comfort.
  • Pick the best suited shape: Always make sure of selecting the best shaped cushions which are round, rectangular and square. One should pick up the best suited according to their physical body measurements like height and weight.
  • Consider the color: Even the color doesn’t matter in meditation; it depends on the individual opinion. Colors have their characters.
  • Material used: There are many materials like buckwheat hulls, wool, kapok and polyester which are used in filling the cushions. Each of these materials have different characteristics, however all are soft and extremely comfortable. So it even depends on ones interest of picking up the cushion.

Why use cushions in meditation?

It is not even compulsory or mandatory to use cushions while meditating. But the physical appearance of those cushions may help to perform the meditation every day. They even help in keeping the body straight and stable in the sitting position. Cushions make you feel soft and keep your spine in a good position by avoiding pain. By selecting the best cushions; one can give more relief to the whole body even after sitting for long time. This way body as well as the mind gets relaxed. A cushion even increases our focus while meditating by providing comfort to the body.


One should make sure that mind should only focus in relieving stress while performing meditation. This can be possible with some factors like choosing the cushions or pillows. Make sure to concentrate more on the mind than materials when meditating. Using the best materials in cushions makes them more useful and helps to stay focused. Everyone can easily afford a cushion as they are cost effective. Get a cushion and start meditation to stay calm and relaxed.

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