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Break The Bad With Pepper Spray

Pepper spray could be said as one of the most popular and well efficient product for self defense that are available on the stores as well as on internet. These sprays are non-lethal and could be easily used by anyone. The best things about these sprays are that they are really instant and virtuous defense while fighting against any kind of ill activity. However, usage of any tool requires some limitations and responsibilities and pepper spray is not an exception in this case.

Understanding the spray

Types of defense spray

Depending on the composition and usage, the defense sprays could be classified into following three categories-

  • CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile)
  • CN (alphachloroacetaphenone)
  • OC (oleoresin capsicum)

Among all the three of the defense sprays OC is the best one. The other two are not as fast as the OC.

Understanding the spray

Before getting familiar with the usage of a pepper spray, it is quite important to become familiar with the spray first. Initially, the sprays used for defense were manufactured with the help of chemical irritants made without any natural process. Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile which is commonly known as CS, aralphachloroacetaphenone or CN or the sprays with tear gas were used in defense. These sprays create irritation in the mucous membrane of the person on which it is used, this lead to tearing eyes or stinging pain in it along with the extreme effects on the throat and nose. Such sprays were not trusted by the users as they may result in a total failure.

OC is the one of a kind

OC is the most effective spray among all its types as it is more like an agent of inflammatory and less of an irritant. When OC is sprayed on someone the effect of it are extremely harsh and rapid. The OC’s inflammatory nature acts on the front foot and creates a clamp shut on the eyes of the assailant that ultimately creates an incapability of opening eyes. This spray is so effective that if used in an excessive quantity then it may cause permanent blindness to the person.

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