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Choosing a good condo unit according to its flooring

If you are planning to purchase a condo unit, one of the major factors that will surely influence your decision is the floor number. You can either choose between the upper, middle, and lower floors which can be very tough knowing that there are advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

This is very crucial especially if this is your first time to purchase a condo unit. Each floor has its own benefits and also has its own downsides which make people create their decision that is based on the condo floor alone.

The important thing is, the only potential condo owner should tell which floor level is the best for a residential living space based on the owner’s preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Here are some of the important factors that should be considered whenever you are choosing the best condominium floor for a condo dweller like you or it might be great to check out Ki Residences Sunset Development.

  1. Make sure you have a good view– Choosing a condo unit floor always starts with choosing the room with the best scenic view. If you care a lot about the view, then you should purchase a condo unit on the highest floors. A good view can also increase the value and the entire price of the condo unit, especially if the view is very scenic and beautiful either viewing the sea or the mountains or the city itself where you can see amazing views every day. If you have the fear of heights, then you are better to reside on the lower floors of the condo building.
  2. Check if it is affordable enough– The majority of high rise condominiums, its units can get more expensive in the higher floors, so if you have a tight budget, it is better to sacrifice the view for the price and it would be very practical to choose a condo unit that is located at the lower floor because it is cheaper than the higher floor.purchase a condo unit
  3. Make sure the unit is accessible– A lot of people does not have the patience to wait for elevators which makes them use the stairs instead. If the access is a big deal for you, then you should be choosing a unit that is at the first six floors of the building so that you can easily access it either through the elevator or the stairs. People who are disabled and the elderly should be residing on the lower floors of the building.
  4. Check the noise– If you are someone who hates the noise especially with the city’s bustling sound and noise, you have to choose the condo unit located on the higher floors of the building knowing it is relatively quiet there where you can easily find your peace where there is no traffic noise and the noise from other tenants surrounding your unit as well.
  5. Make sure the building is safe and secured– If your condominium building has good security measures that are in place, you should have a peace of mind, however if you are doubtful about the chances of having someone to break into your unit, you have to consider purchasing a condo unit located at the higher floors of the building because criminals would not risk hopping in to the elevator or the stairs which takes a lot of time for them to escape.

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