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Davenport laroche – A review on unregulated investments

When it comes to unregulated investments, Davenport Laroche can offer this. They are doing great at shipping container leasing market. This even promises returns. When I started research on this investment firm I understood that they offer 2 types of leasing strategy.

One is conservative lease which can offer 12 percent of fixed returns. Other is higher income lease. This includes variable returns. But there will always be over 24 percent of return. Whichever the lease option investor choses, the buyback of containers after 5 years is same.

Before investing I even searched for origin of this firm. It is from Hong Kong. It is headed by Jacques Piccard. But some even say that this is controlled by unknown individuals who are from Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. This was founded in 2008 when there was financial crisis.

lease option investor

Let’s come to my investment in this firm. I own 95 containers now. Initially I started off with one container. Since for monthly income to receive minimum number of container one must own is 4. So, within some time I increased the number to 4.

I proudly say that I am a happy customer. I have great experience in investing in this firm. I got expected monthly income and returns. So, slowly I increased the number from 4 to 95.

I always recommend Davenport Laroche to other investors. Many of my friends have already started investing in this after my advice. I invested when I was looking for low risk investment. I felt I did right in investing in this firm since it works as per the contract.

It comes with guaranteed returns. Other thing I liked was after 5 years Davenport Laroche will buyback the container at their initial cost if needed. All the containers are insured both for land and sea. I never found any risk in investing in this firm.

Investors can also understand that the goods all over the world, more than 90 percent of them are shipped using containers. This is the reason there will be high demand for containers throughout the year. So, investing in containers is the best option. One must look for leasing them at right place.

Davenport Laroche investment team is always there to assist the investors. With their help it becomes easy to lease containers.

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