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Effects Of Pepper Spray And Treating The Effects Of An Accidental Spray

Pepper spray is one of the best traditional ways of dealing with a street attack as self-defense. The effects of pepper spray can distract the attacker for long enough so that you can escape a scenario where you are attacked. While this is a great way to hurt an attacker and get away with the situation, sometimes you might get the spray on yourself by mistake. When this happens, it is important to know what the effects could be and how to treat the burn from pepper spray.

Effects Of Pepper Spray And Treating

Effects of Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is used as a means of self-defense and here you can buy pepper spray. When pepper comes in contact with your tongue, lips, or even facial skin, it actually comes into contact with the nerve endings. There is a severe burning or stinging sensation, especially instantly in case of eyes. The burning lasts 45 minutes to an hour based on how strong the pepper spray is. As it reaches the throat and lungs, it can cause dryness of throat along with burning sensation. It can also cause breathlessness, gasping, and not being able to speak.

In severe and rare cases, it can even cause blood flow problems and lack of oxygen. When this happens, the person has to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.


If you have accidentally sprayed pepper spray to yourself or someone, you have to get it treated to cut down its effects. The pepper spray uses oil based solution. Touching that area can cause a spread of the burning sensation to other parts that you touch with the same hands. Try blinking rapidly and for some time to flush out the spray from your eyes.

Washing your face with just water won’t really help. Again, since the pepper spray is of oil base, it doesn’t dissolve with water. This is why you have to wash your face and other affected areas with soap or shampoo. Once you have washed it with soap or shampoo, rinse it well with water. To get rid of the pepper spray solution from your eyes, you can use a no tears baby shampoo.

There are also medicated wipes to treat pepper spray available in medical stores. So, as a precautionary measure, if you carry pepper spray as a self-defense means, also make it a point to carry these medicated wipes.

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