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Fly Mango – Airline that gives the highest value-for-money

Fly Mango is the most efficient and versatile airline. It is amongst the most renowned and cost effective airlines in Africa. Fly Mango has proved to be a sustainable and successful airline, that has been launched under the supervision of Nico Bezuidenhout. The unique and fun orange color planes have been roaming in the skies of South Africa since more than a decade and the journey began in 2006.

Fly Mango has been awarded multiple time for its reasonable cost categories and carrier divisions. Mango airline flies domestic routes as well; these include Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban and Lanseria. The airplanes used by the airline are Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The service inside the planes remains to be warm and friendly and the general staff has been hospitable always. Mango airlines has an above average safety rating.

Domestic Flights

Why fly with Fly Mango?

There are very many reasons to fly with Mango airlines, here are some of them enumerated for you –

  • While flying, staying connected was never so convenient! With G-Connect prepaid cards, the user can make 3g connect, Wi-Fi connect and also in-flight Wi-Fi and ADSL with the G-connect top up services for prepaid networks.
  • Fly Mango loves statistics! It has been voted the best low cost airline in Africa
  • Want to find a way to keep your kids entertained and busy travelling? That is a difficult task no more, with Fly Mango’s entertaining options inside the flight.

What is the procedure for check-in into the Fly Mango airlines? We’ll tell you and you will find it to be one of the easiest and most secure check-in options in African airlines. For checking the flier needs –

  • Identity proof which can be valid passport, valid driving license etc.
  • Credit Card used to book the airline ticket, in case you booked the flight in cash this will not be required.
  • The E-ticket itself (this is simply to be on the safe side, it is generally never required)
  • All children and infants will need to fly with their IDs issued by South Africa itself or their official birth certificates.

There are several ways of passing time while you are journeying from one station to another, they are –

  • Wi-Fi Access – You can purchase data coupons and surf the internet using the Wi-Fi network
  • Mango T.V. – Since there are screens situated at various locations inside the plane, fliers can enjoy different varieties of programmes produced locally.
  • Mango Juice Magazine – The magazine is a monthly issue that contains a host of entertaining stories, news and photographs that depict the latest happenings in South Africa.

There aren’t several cabin classes inside the plane much like other airlines and transportation services. The airline costs low one and thus the only option available for the passengers is economy class. Since Boeing 737-800 is considered will tailored for economy class travel, there will not be any discomfort to any fliers. And in case the flier does not mind adjusting himself besides the emergency exit window, he may present his willingness to be so and he will get more legroom.

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