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Guide to A Better Eye Strain Prevention

If you’re a movie enthusiast, there is nothing more pleasurable than spending too much time on your computer or TV screen while watching 123moviespower. However, no matter how pleasurable it is, you need to be aware that your eyes are bound to feel the strain after long hours.

You need to know that watching too much TV will affect your eyesight resulting in eye strain. Eye strain happens when you’re focusing on a small and bright object in a dark room. It can also happen when you’re focusing on a lighted screen for long stretches of time. The darkness will cause your irises to open wider to let in more light. Apart from that, the irises will not close as often as they should because it focuses on the bright TV screen.

Knowing this, it’s crucial that you know how to prevent eye strain. You can consider the following things:


  • Maintaining distance: When you watch TV, you need to maintain a safe distance from the TV screen. Experts recommend that you sit approximately eight to ten feet away from the TV screen.
  • Positioning the TV properly: You need to install the TV at eye level or lower. This is to prevent the vertical muscles of your eyes from getting too tired. Do not look up at it.
  • Keeping lights on: As much as you want a theater-like experience, you already know that darkness can make the eyes tired. When watching, it’s crucial that you keep the lights on.
  • Taking a break: You should make it a practice to get up and walk around every commercial break. If there is no commercial break, you have to ensure that you have break interval. This is to give rest to your eyes. Aside from that, moving around can also prevent back problems.
  • Getting enough sleep: It’s crucial that you get at least eight hours of sleep. This is to rest your eyes completely.
  • Massaging it: If you feel eye strain, you need to massage the eye and apply hot cloth gently.
  • Upgrading screen: Upgrading will cost money, but your health should always be your priority. It’s time that you upgrade your TV. You need to choose a unit that gives off lesser glare.
  • Adjusting light output:To support your eyes, you need to adjust the light output of your TV. You need to find the right setting and adjust the back light control. This can make watching easier at night.
  • Blinking always: you have to blink every five seconds especially when watching TV. Blinking is important because it can keep your eyes from becoming dry.

When you feel that eye strain is not getting better, it’s time that you visit your eye doctor. You can binge-watch your favorite shows and 123moviespower without causing any risks to your health by following the above-mentioned points. Stay hydrated, don’t have oily foods, maintain your distance from the TV, and try not to strain your eyes too much.

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