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Horns racing against the wind in Maharashtra

A bullock cart race becoming the trend of now-a-days involves the emotion of the people along with animals. Each and every animal are very special creation designed for different purposes. A bull is such an animal which is mostly used to plough the land and help the farmer in a very fertile way. They are not just animals but they represent how animals have influenced our culture. These bulls are used to race for some specific reasons like increasing stamina, development of breeds and so on.Bulls are not only for agriculture purposes but also they are being tamed for bullock cart races.


It was legal to race a bull in olden days but as far as now it is found as a biggest threat to animals. Lately in Maharashtra, people had fought to organize bullock cart race against PETA which is a good organization working for the welfare of animals. PETA has announced recently that resuming the cart race on road is impossible.

Rural Sport

It is a famous sport in various parts of India. But after enquiring about animal’s being tortured for sporting a ban came into act in 2014. It was found that bulls were exhausted to run too far. This sport has been practiced by many generations in India. It is also one of the oldest rural sports of our nation because it was practiced from 400 BC. Still now there are evidences that bull fight has been practiced from ancient times. There are so many different sport developed rather than bullock cart racing like bull chasing and so on.

Ask and it shall be given

Based on the quote there was a huge cloud of people gathered in various places of Tamilnadu state to protest the ban of jallikatu and finally it got succeeded. Bullock cart race happened in various villages of Tamilnadu. By following the same approach Maharashtrians have asked out for bullock cart race to be organized in a peaceful manner.

 Rules for race

TN State recently conducted bullock cart races with a particular discipline. Whenever or where ever the race has to be conducted the bull should not be given any forms of alcohol or beaten up with nailed sticks. Several measures were taken in order to protect bull from cruelty. In order to take care of that, bullock cart race or bull chasing should be conducted only on behalf of a government officer.

As far as now bullock race is concerned, it is still in ban state in Maharashtra.

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