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How to finance the energy renovation of your home?

Single-family homeowner: Financing side, you must prepare well. Your budget must include the cost of the work, the purchase of equipment and materials and the cost of studies. It will vary according to the extent of the work:

In the case of a partial energy renovation (insulation of attics or walls for example), you can consider a limited budget.

On the other hand, prices can go up quickly for a complete energy renovation including all the spaces of your house.

Choose your professionals

To benefit from a quality service and to access the State aids (subject to eligibility), privilege the craftsmen): plumber-heating, plasterer- electrician … You will be able to benefit as well as expert advice from these energy performance specialists and maximize your chances of saving energy without compromising on your comfort.

energy renovation work

Check professional references, compare quotes and services offered and do not hesitate to contact former customers to make an opinion. All professionals must be able to define and quantify their benefits before starting their intervention The Home Depot promotions is very much taken

Make sure you choose the equipment and materials for your energy renovation

Once you have a clearer idea of ​​the energy renovation work you want to do in your home, you will be able to choose the elements and materials. They must meet quality criteria in order to be effective, healthy and safe

Pay attention to the choice of insulation to improve your comfort in summer

Pay attention to the thermal phase shift time, which indicates the period during which the insulation can “hold” the peak of heat outside the house. If the time of phase shift is long enough, the peaks of the heat of the summer will be felt at the end of the day in your home (even at night, when it is possible to open the windows to bring in the freshness ). Mineral wools, for example, have a short phase shift: they are not very effective for summer comfort

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