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Lie Detection tests – CV and experience verification

In many countries, it is common that people go and buy their degree and diploma certificates. There will be hundreds of universities who are ready to offer this. The situation is so bad that companies cannot even trust the verification agencies.

This is the reason employees are becoming smart and they are going for lie detector tests. This will help them to ensure that the candidates educational qualifications are true. Majority of the people may wonder that is this happening in real. Yes. It is. Even in countries like India it has been started already. A report says that few companies in India have already started polygraph tests for new candidates.

CV and experience verification and Lie detection tests:

It is been common today to find a fake CV and certificates. This has been considered as a global problem.  The reason behind this may be global financial crisis due to which there is worse condition in employment and of course there is a big hit by this. Another reason is availability of degree replicas.


The fake CV and certifications are not only found at entry level employees but also with people at higher levels. This is not only the problem faced by developing countries but also by others. Even though while recruiting people test the knowledge of their candidates and thinks that they are good, it is really hard to decide the source of the knowledge. It may be by experience or by education. This is not easy to decide. He may answer well for all the questions through the knowledge which has acquired through experience and his degree may be fake.

These are situations where the polygraph test or Lie detection tests can be introduced. If the candidate is really qualified then he can have references from lecturers and students from that particular institution. This can avoid confusions.

Some of the companies in Asia have the opinion that they come across such fake certificates and CVs but there is no drastic increase in this type of cases.

When recruitment happens of course the first thing that should be considered is to find a right candidate. Along with this they must also think that is the selected person worth for this post. It is very important to ensure the declarations done by the employee are really true. The candidate must be honest with the employer.

This honesty is measured by verifying the qualifications and experience declared by the employee. So, the future worker must be verified well and the employer should assess all his information.

So, through polygraph tests one can make sure all these things. They use proper equipments and required verification process which will help the employer to find a right and trustworthy candidate.

Verification process will also involve employers as well. So, Lie detection tests can help in finding the CV fraud and this will avoid the hiring of foul workers. If the hired candidate is not appropriate for the job then it may lead to tragedies in future.

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