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New PC games to Check out!

Summer is nearly upon us and most of the country is now warm enough that people are getting outside to play real sports, but sometimes it’s more fun to stay on the couch and play virtual ones instead. With a couple years of product released for the PS4, it can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which sports game to pick up and play. Let us help you choose which games to master with the following list of eight of the best titles on the market (from basketball, to baseball, to soccer and even WWE).

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Best Baseball Game: MLB ’17 The Show

The twelfth game on Sony’s exclusive MLB-licensed franchise is arguably the best to date, complete with detailed stadium replications, perfect player mechanics and the kind of personalized player simulations that we have come to expect from developer SCE San Diego Studio. What’s great about “The Show” franchise is the devotion to replicating what fans know and love about the game. Watch the way sunlight moves across Wrigley Field on a May afternoon. Listen to player-specific cat calls from the crowd. Check out your favorite player’s batting stance perfectly replicated. And, like all great modern sports games, you can dive deep into multiple modes—play a quick game online or a whole season, or start up your own future All-Star with the Road to the Show mode. It is one of those great sports games in that it provides something for everyone, from casual players who just want a nine-inning experience to those interested in franchise management, all the way down to the cost of a hot dog.

Best Basketball Game: NBA 2K17

When it comes to the physics of sports, which is really the engine that makes a sports game hum, nothing is better than the “2K” series from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts. There’s a fluidity and realism of movement in this franchise that’s unmatched even by juggernauts like “The Show” and “Madden.” The era of unrealistic slam dunks and animations against which it is impossible to defend is over. 2K Sports killed it. Playing through a full season in “NBA 2K17” feels like the real thing, complete with injuries, hot streaks and slumps. And the game has a fantastic My Career mode, directed by the legendary Spike Lee. If that’s not enough, it allows for a little history, letting you play classic teams like ’00-01 Lakers (think Shaq & Kobe) and the ’95-96 Bulls. It’s not just the best basketball game; it’s arguably the best sports game, period. Check out here for NBA 2k18 Locker codes.

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