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Npm the “thing” that you will remember and use once you know what it is

If you never heard about npm I suppose you should if you are into JavaScript. Because this is the “thing”, you know the thing that never really got defined properly but people know it exists and people just don’t know what to call it so they call it the “thing”.

But this “thing” right here is a great platform, tool even that can make you have apps that are easy and friendly to your users but also to you.

Updates: You know when your app gets bigger as you want it to be more efficient, there’s one term for it “updates” The more features you have, you want your app to have a facelift, more people using it requires you to update in order to keep up with the times and the users using your app. Npm provides you a platform that you can easily make changes, npm is nothing new but for some, this is still a new term.

Safe and private: We always and have always had been conscious about having a safe and private workspace and for a very good reason. It allows us to create, be creative, grow our knowledge and at the same time be safe while doing it. This is the reason why we make antivirus and secure servers in the first place. To protect what we have created in order not to get damaged or corrupted by any outside entity that is built to destroy what we built and npm is that perfect place.

Breaking barriers: There is a saying that “if we don’t look back to where we were, we can never go to where we should be” and this is true even for apps. Sometimes we build and we build and if there is a new to update we scrap everything and leave the old ones to rot. This is okay in some cases but if you’re too far out in developing new ones, if you don’t have the information of your old program you will have no basis on where you should go, you lack direction and without direction growth is hard.

Npm is a great platform, people that never discovered this should definitely try it. It’s a great place especially for app developers. If you want to know more about npm visit The Order of THuggin and discover why npm is the great place that you have never tried before that you should try.

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