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The demand for admission in business and management studies is constant across the globe. Premier universities face a literal deluge of candidates every year, all boasting high test scores and impressive resumes. The admission committee has the unenviable task of sifting through this mountain of candidates and selecting individuals who they think possess the leadership skills and aptitude to become productive members of the corporate world. A very effective tool that aids in this selection process is the personal statement, a staple of admission procedures at premier institutes.

Several things have to be kept in mind while writing your personal statement to augment your chances of admission. Some of them are

  • Planning out your statement: – The committee is looking for individuals who will contribute to an atmosphere conducive to productive thinking and learning. Spend adequate time thinking your essay through and ensure it presents yourself in a positive light without going overboard. Be sure of the structure and tone of your entire statement and only then start writing it.


  • Stress on your quantitative skills: – Business courses generally include elements of accountancy and finance, for which strong fundamentals in mathematics are a prerequisite. Use the statement to mention what mathematical skills you have gained in your previous courses.
  • Place emphasis on your leadership and problem solving skills: – Several times during your corporate career, you will be faced with problems and expected to come up with solutions almost instantly. Use the statement to convince the committee that you are equipped with the skills to do so. Choose anecdotes and instances from your life where you have showcased your leadership skills. Ensure that these anecdotes are in the recent past and relevant to the course. Show the committee that you are capable of logical and rational thinking even when faced with challenges.
  • Use relevant examples of extra-curricular activities: – Committees look for a very specific skill set in candidates for admission in management courses. Ensure that all the extra-curricular activities mentioned in your statement are in some way related to business and management, and convince the committee of your expertise in the same.
  • Steer clear of clichés: – Committees read several statements every day and it takes considerable effort to catch their attention. Make sure that your statement is a reflection of your personality. This ensures an element of originality and uniqueness to it. Use the statement to give the committee insight into your general thought process.

Keeping these in mind aids the writing of a personal statement immensely.

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