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Potential Harmful Effects of the Steroid Anavar

Anavar popular anabolic steroid is widely used both by men and women due to its mild nature. It is a dihydrotestosterone derivative with the main component being the oxandrolone hormone. Like various other steroids there is a methyl group attached to the 17th carbon and is known to be alpha alkylated. This alteration in the chemical structure allows the steroid to withstand the metallic activity while passing through the liver. There is a modification at the 2nd carbon of the cycloalkane ring that is responsible for an increase in its anabolic strength. Although the steroid is known to be less androgenic but still there are side effects that one should be aware of. One of the adverse effects that the steroid is it can decrease testosterone in men and women.

The steroid even though is known to be quiet mild is quiet suppressive to natural testosterone production in the body. There might be small amount of the hormone that is still produced as the degree of suppression varies with the amount of dosage as well. When taken in lower doses the steroid does not cause much interference with the natural testosterone hormone. The side effect also causes suppression in libido. Other side effects due to testosterone suppression include loss in muscle mass and decrease overall energy levels. To avoid this side effect many bodybuilders prefer to stack it with testosterone which indirectly restores the sex drive as well both in men and women. The steroid can decrease testosterone in men and women and also is known to cause testicular atrophy. The condition is characterized by shrinking of testicles due to lower sperm count. But this condition can be restored once the steroid is discontinued.

The milder characteristic of the steroid might not cause much liver toxicity but if consumed in high doses this might be a possible side effect. There are certain cases where people have reported to experience depression and also fluctuation in the cholesterol levels. If the steroid is abused there could be a potential increase in LDL that is bad cholesterol and decrease in good cholesterol that is HDL. This could result in a possible heart attack or stroke. Other side effects like high blood pressure are also a possible side effect of the steroid. There are a few that commonly occur and are reduced with time like headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. These disappear once the cycle is stopped.

In order to decrease the potential risk of side effects it is important that a proper dosing pattern and cycle length is followed. Ideally men can take a minimum dose of 50 mg per day. And can gradually increase it as the body gets accustomed. Unlike men the females are more sensitive to anabolic steroids and hence should maintain a low dosage level. Initially starting with 10 mg per day should be good and can be increased to not more than 20 mg per day. Following proper dosing will ensure that there are no or minimal side effects with the steroid.


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