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Pursue Our Purpose in Life

We all believe that our life has a purpose. We all have our own journey that we will take. These roads are a journey that won’t be easy for everyone. But we should believe in ourselves that we have a purpose in life.

When we believe that our lives have a purpose, we tend to know and discover what it is. Then, dreaming of the future will start already. As we dream, we look for ways on how we will attain these dreams that we have. As we go along in our journey, we will plan and will take one step at a time to make sure that our dreams will happen. But our journey in life is not as easy as it seems because there will be many challenges that are present along with it. But one thing is for sure that at the end of the day we will learn from it.

One of the known people today who have experienced hardship in life but able to overcome and surpass it is Hamed Wardak. He is one of the high proof that when we dream, we have to believe in ourselves that there is a great future ahead of us. Hamed Wardak was born and raised in the country, Afghanistan. He was one of the founders of the CUSAP or the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership. This campaign has a high intention to attain sustainable development for his country through the unity of the United States of America and Afghanistan. The partnership between the two countries is one of the ways of the group in achieving a great future in his country. Also, aside from his achievement on this, he entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Hamed Wardak

As soon as he enters the business world, he still makes sure that he is living his purpose and dream for his country because he also entered the world of music. Through his music, he was able to write what he wanted to share with the people. He was able to reach more people and was able to inspire through his passion and determination in life. As he showed and shared his life, we can see that when we dream, we should work hard for this to happen. Also, he showed his compassion in helping the people and his country. Through this, he is already accomplishing his purpose in life.

Indeed, life is not easy. We will stumble and fall along our journey, but what is important is we get up and fight back in reaching our goals in life.

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