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Remembering an Important event with Lucite

Own a company and just had a huge deal or you organized a celebration for your organization that requires awards to be given? Don’t worry because if you want to commemorate these, lucite tombstones are the perfect mementos for these types of events and you’ll never go wrong with this type of tombstones because it’s classy and you can customize it to your heart’s desire.

The guys at Lucitetombstones want to give you so many options with the awards or the plaques that you want to order. There are so many shapes, designs, and types of deal toys that you would want to check out and choose for your company. It mostlyserves as a prize to the recipient, indicating achievement. Deal toys possessed by an individual can also serve as a reflection of his or her status, as they indicate the number of transactions with which they have been involved. They are displayed to help persuade future clients to work with a firm on their transaction.

Most Common type of Tombstone

Acrylic is commonly used for tombstones because of its versatility. It can be moulded into a variety of forms, and corporations will often create custom promotional items shaped like their products. They are manufactured by pouring acrylic casting resin into a mould. Embedments are acrylic trophies that have an item embedded into the resin. Many materials can be placed in an embedment like paper, metal, acetate sheets, etc. This creates the effect of an item floating within the acrylic statue.

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Ideal for any events

You do not have to worry because you can purchase it for your school or any type of event where awards are given like competitions or commemorating your classmate who just had the “Best in Spelling” award. It is not only for companies celebrating after getting a huge deal or for announcements. It can be given to anyone that deserves it.

Where it all started

The deal toy is the marriage of a design with the tombstone advertisement, a term that dates to the late 19th century, when printers used it to refer to “column-width newspaper ads run without any illustration or typographical ornamentation,” After the crash of 1929, the Securities Act of 1933 placed strict requirements on the advertisements that banks were allowed to run. Those restrictions meant that the tombstone ad became the format that companies and banks used to publicize financial transactions such as initial public offerings. From at least the late 1960s, law firms and banks produced Lucite slabs that encased the tombstone ads announcing new partner classes. By the late 1960s, banks were commemorating their new partner classes by embedding the partnership announcements in Lucite. The first deal toy was created in the early 1970s. A second world war buff, Mr McDonald stumbled upon Lucite as the optimal material for crafting deal toys, as it was easy to tool and available in large, cheap quantities after being used for years to make bullet-proof glass for combat planes.

If you are in need to Lucite tombstones because your manager assigned you to design and order it, do not fret because Lucitetombstones are there to help you out with many varieties of acrylic awards just for you and your company.

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