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Save Earth by switching to Eco friendly cars

There is a new era is born in the automobile industry is the eco-friendly vehicles which is already rolling on the roads. These vehicles which are run mainly by the electric power source which provide zero emission of gas. Many major automobile companies still in developing their electric cars but can’t able to come up with an idea.

Countries like India, which has a huge population rate and a good automobile market, are not encouraging these kinds of eco-friendly cars. Delhi the capital of India stands second in the world when it comes to air pollution. People are not aware of this carbon emission that affects both the humans and environment. So it is better to switch from these oil pumping vehicles to an eco-friendly battery vehicles. These vehicles can also save your pocket by cost cutting from fuels, all it needs a full charge load of battery to power it up.

When comes to electric cars they are the pioneers

Tesla is the leading American car manufacturers that produce only eco-friendly cars especially electric cars. The company was started in the year 2003 and reached greater heights by just creating only zero emission cars. The company got eyes on the world by developing an electric sports car that is equally matched to BMW and Benz in the market. Tesla now currently has about four models in their hand and is planning to come up with another car later this year. The model will be released at the mid of this year and it’s going to be a breakthrough in the car industry.

Save Earth by switching to Eco friendly cars

New breed is born in Tesla and are ready roll out

The Tesla’s new cars the model 3s prototype is caught in the cameras and is amazingly stunning with their vibrant colors and features. Their new model will be the direct competitor to the BMW 3 series. They have plans to make a target of 4 lakhs at the end of this year, and this is their biggest leap. One of the important features of this car is that it comes up with the self-driven mode; literally the car is automatically driven by a computer. The self-driven option comes as an additional feature on the earlier model for cost of 3000 dollars. This new model has a good battery backup, a single charge can run for about 70 miles and the company has kept about 719 charging stations globally, so there is no worry of charging the car.

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