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Small business ideas for women that are fun

If you are not interested in those boring corporate jobs and want to do something creative and fun where you can earn from your hobbies, read this article for small business ideas for women that are fun. If you are a home maker or you have taken a long break from your regular career path because you just had a baby or to take care of your family, these small business ideas can spice up your daily life and will also let you earn your own income.

Read this article to know which among the following small business ideas can change your boring days into fun blooming days!Even though only six of them are mentioned here, you can choose your favorite hobby and make a living out of it if you are creative and tactful enough.

Fashion designing

If you are a girl who is keen about the latest fashion trends and spends a lot of time and energy in reading fashion blogs and magazines, you can design clothes or assemble them and mix them up to create great outfits! Not just clothes, but you can also design bags, footwear and other accessories that go with the clothes.

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Baking and catering

If you love to cook and you have a chef mom or a cool aunt who bakes yummy, make a team! Cook, bake, cater or anything as long as it tastes yummy and you know how to attract your customers. You can start a small outlet at your home or can send off your products for sale in other bakeries and restaurants. Another thing you can do is to start a small manufacturing unit to pack, label and sell your processed food items.

Beauty salon and spa

You will have to take a course and get trained under a beautician before you can be a licensed beautician. You can bring your own style to your spa and spread your knowledge on skin and hair maintenance.

Candle making

If you have a thing for art and fragrances, you can mix your knowledge and make some beautiful scented candles. Your creativity can be used in mixing the colors and making candles in different shapes and types.

Nail art studio

Now, nail art is something relatively new but it has a huge number of followers. Women love to take care of their nails and nail art has just made the whole thing much more sophisticated. You just need to invest in good nail colors and nail art tools and have an artistic side to yourself.

Flower arranging

You can grow flowers in your garden and make use of them to make bouquets and other decoration items. You can take up decoration orders for parties, weddings and other functions if you are good at flower arrangement. You need not grow all the flowers by yourself; you can buy them and then just take up the arrangement task.

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