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SUP Board Aufblasbar, Nothing Less

SUP surfing is an innovation born out of the surfing we know today. It originated in Hawaii and was introduced to the United States in 2013. This marked the rise of the popularity of SUP surfing. In SUP surfing is different from the surfing that we know where the surfer sits until a wave comes. SUP boarders stand on their boards. With the use of a paddle,surfers propel themselves through the water using a paddle.

One thing that comes with the popularity of SUP surfing is the SUP clothing. And we are here for this. The SUP paddlers are clad in a variety of wet suits and other clothing and accessories, depending on factors such as water and air temperature. These clothing items and accessories are what we have at Supboard 99.

Getting to Know US

Are you looking for providers of SUP items? Consider us as the best alternative that you have for SUP products. We are Supboard 99. We arean online trendshop for your new SUP board, paddle, and other accessories. We have our sup board aufblasbar guaranteed. We are here to help you purchase the best SUP item for you. You may navigate through our page and will find there all the information that you need to know about us and our product.

sup board aufblasbar

How Could You Reach Us?

Included in our website is our blog. The blog tells about everything you want to know about our products. Should you have some questions about the items we sell, or the purchase details, and or our delivery, do not hesitate to call us. We would be very glad to be of service to you.It is the company’s institutional goal to respond to each of your questions and wish to reply within two working days. This might be the right time to call us at +31 (0) 85-3033716.

Our Competitive Edge

Supboard 99 is not just any ordinary trend shop. Here,we provide you with the perfect paddle and surf  board. With our expertise on SUP products and accessories, we definitely know what is best for you. We only give what is best for you.Our boards and paddles suit the needs of advanced and beginning surfers. Each of our products have at least one – year warranty. We assure you of top quality products from us.

Be One of Our Partners

Engaging business with us is an opportunity to establish relationship with you. We can partner with you in buying and reselling SUP boards.We can reach a deal together. We can grant you discounts. Do you organize or participate in events? Is your company already in business involving SUP boards? Another good reason to contact us. We are glad to work with you as our partners.  Supboard-99 is always interested in establishing partnerships with anyone or any group.  We can turn clients into valued partners and we stick to it as an institutional commitment.

We have always believed that we exist with the commitment to give what is best for you. Should you need any SUP item, we are just here for you.

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