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The Best and Only Hope for The OFWS in Terms of Seeking Justice

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The Potential Results of the ZPIC Audit 

Once a ZPIC concludes that your hospice has received baseless payments from Medicare, the MAC and the ZPIC that were assigned to your region have the full authority from the CMS to get a number of avenge actions. Depending on the magnitude of the alleged erroneous receipts and the reasons why the MAC’s and ZPIC’s personnel believe that your hospice got overpayments.

These are The Authorities They Have

  • Denying the payment on the future billings
  • Edict a prepayment review process for up to hundred percent of the Medicare billings of     your hospice going forward
  • Control your hospice for purposes of administering ZPIC audits in the future
  • Require compensation or repayment of overpaid amounts
  • Taking back the assignment privileges

If a ZPIC suspects that a hospice is defrauding the Medicare, however, it has the capacity to mention the case to the OIG, CMS and DOJ.

Various Common Issues of Hospice Facilities 

The ZIC’s determinations of liability in the facility audits for the hospice will often be misguided. Because of some issues that most hospices will often encounter in ZPIC audits, including the improperly declining of the payment due to alleged deficiencies technically.  Next is the improperly questioning the conspicuous assessments after the fact of the hospices. Then, the improperly questioning of the physician’s judgement and the hospice Medical directors. To be followed by the improperly citing a failure to decline and improperly citing violations that were basically flexible at the time billing. And lastly, the improper denying declining payment based on non-binding provisions. The Medicare billing rules and regulations are amended regularly, even as the federal Healthcare laws change every time.


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