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The Distinction Of Custom Awards

The craze of competitions has undisputedly increased manifold times. To uphold the spirit of the competition and its participants, the winners are provided with trophies for conquering the contest as well as consolation is received by the other participants for their brilliant efforts. Nowadays, awarding trophies has become a customary habit. The enigmatic performances of people bring out the best in the competitions and motivate all the future participants to strive hard for success. The trophies awarded to them are custom made and are a true genius of craftsmanship.

The greatest achievements of legendary personalities in history were awarded custom made awards. Oscar, the highest esteemed award was custom made and it marked the greatness of the artiste to whom it was awarded. The Oscars has been a legacy that is continued every year to celebrate the prosperity of the artistes in the entertainment industry. Various sports have an illustrious presentation to the winners. Every year the Wimbledon Cup is given to mark the grand slam champion in Tennis.

significant custom awards

Some of the significant custom awards presented were:

Patrón for John Varvatos: It was a custom made glass bottle that is designed in a guitar head shape. It was specifically made for John Varvatos’ Patrón collaboration.

Armani Exchange milestone: a custom award was given to the famous fashion brand Amani Exchange for completing an annual sales of over 1 million. It was a silver-plated trophy in the shape of the Armani Exchange logo.

Dancing with the stars trophy: The dancing competition has its custom awards presented to the winner every year. It a shining mirror ball with the logo and a stepped base.

The custom awards are a great memento that has a special significance in the winner’s heart. No matter how big or small, attractive or not it would always be cherished by the person receiving it.

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