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The impact of using the scooter that runs on electricity in the society

With the booming industry of scooters and development of related products run by electricity, people are more attracted to buying one. For them, it is convenient and much cheaper in comparison to other types of transport. Since almost anyone can afford such machines and can use them, it becomes more interesting. Therefore, such lax requirements will make electric scooter singapore available to everyone to procure and to ride regardless the condition of the rider.

The current state of using such scooter

To drive a car or a motorcycle, you need a driver’s license before you can be behind the driving wheel. There is a local agency that regulates and enforces the law in the transport sector. Hence, the requirement to have a license to drive is very strict and monitored by such agency. A medical examination is the prerequisites to assess if you are fit to take the assessment test which mostly covers drug test, physical and eye examination. After that, you will proceed to undergo a written exam and an actual driving test. The written exam will mostly tackle important traffic rules and symbols. Meanwhile, the driving test will assess your capability to drive vehicles from proper turning, following traffic rules in the obstacles course and showcasing your parking skills. As you can see, it is hard to acquire a license and most of us will enroll to a driving school just to pass such tests.

But in scooters specifically run by electricity, it is a different matter and it is conveniently available to everyone. We can already consider it as a vehicle to be regulated since it has a motor that runs it but such products have a loophole in which you can use it without even relying on electricity. Hence, it can be classified as a recreational toy like skateboards which result of not under the radar of local agency to regulate.

The common profile of the present riders

In most countries, the use of the such scooters is banned from areas like major roads and crowded areas.  But they can be still used in most residential and commercial areas with lots of pedestrians and traversing traffic.  If a rider is not that trained like the one who took the driving exams can result in a violation of traffic rules or worst they can cause an accident.

Most of the riders are very young since scooters are originally classified as a toy and they are not yet that familiar with traffic rules. Even though they use pedestrian lanes and streets, awareness of the traffic rules are still essential and must be strictly enforced.

To become a responsible rider

As of now, manufacturers and dealers are pushing through for regulation to ensure the safety of the riders and to grant them access to restricted areas. The local agency can also implement lanes beside the sidewalk as their designated pathway to avoid accidents in between the riders and the walking pedestrians. They can also implement awareness programs to teach those people who owned an such scooter and to those who want to buy one about traffic rules and road etiquette. Remember, lives are at stake regardless it is just a toy for fun since it is being as means of transport to a great distance. Therefore, riders should be very disciplined and responsible when using the scooter that is powered by electricity.

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