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Beauty is something everyone aspires to have. People may have different definitions of what beauty is but that doesn’t mean they don’t do anything to get closer to it. There are crazy and dangerous ways some people choose to enhance their look. Some even seek the help of a fake doctor who doesn’t even have a license just to get a boob enhancement for cheap.

If you’re choosing to do something to your body, best to do it the safe way. Nowadays though, there are plenty of different techniques and methods people are using to get them the body and face they’ve always wanted. You might have heard of some while others might be a surprise, but they’re all done in the name of beauty.

Staggering Skin Care

Some years ago, skin care remained relatively simple. It was 3 steps – cleanse, tone, moisturize. Now, those steps have gotten increasingly higher. Places like South Korea even favor a 12-step skin care routine! Other places may not have steps reaching double digits but it’s still pretty complex. Skin care companies have produced serums, essences, face oils, and a multitude of masks just to address different skin concerns. It can get complicated for any beginner but this is one way people are hoping to keep their visage enviable.

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Inject Your Way to Beauty

Getting an injection used to be terrifying as a child. Whenever you hear screams of a kid in a clinic, it can only mean they’re getting an injection. For those concerned with vanity, getting one has never been so enjoyable. Several clinics around the world are providing vitamin injectables to improve one’s complexion and overall health. They’re painful at the start, but having all those antioxidants added to your system will give you a healthy glow after. It’s definitely one of the new ways people stay pretty.

Beauty in a Bottle

Another crazy way people stay beautiful is to actually drink their way to good looks. It may not be as effective as a face lift but some claim that drinking collagen can help maintain one’s youthful glow. However, best to keep your expectations low with this one. While the claims on these collagen drinks say they can hold wrinkles at bay, some scientists say that the stomach acids actually counteract the effects on the drinkable collagen. No matter what beauty method you decide to do, always make sure to stay on the safe side and consult a doctor first.

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