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The story of Mario: An Italian plumber created by a Japanese Artist

Mario, the character is one among the most famous video game characters in history. It was such a huge hit that it still remains an evergreen game even after a lot of evolution and changes that it underwent.  People still play old 2D versions of Mario even in this era of play stations and 3D games which proves that Mario is a classic.

The two of the most important Mario brother characters are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Let’s now get into the history of their creation.

How Mario was born

Let our story begin the old way. Years and years ago, in the early 1980’sHiroshi Yamauchi who was the president of a small card and toy company in Japan- Nintendo, asked an artist to make a new game for the company. Yamauchi was worried since the company was not doing well and its continuous efforts to break into the rapidly expanding market back then which was of arcade games always ended as unsuccessful struggles.

The artist, Shigeru Miyamoto was not a programmer and till then he only worked on art for Nintendo’s games. When he was asked to come up with a new game for the cabinet by Yamauchi, he thought of coming up with a story first, which will become the backbone of the game. This kind of an approach was probably one among the first of its kind in the history.

Mario, the plumber who dresses up in blue and redwith the distinctive long moustache first appeared in 1981 in the game-Donkey Kong. The game had a background story of a love triangle between a man, his pet gorilla and his girlfriend. However, this man was not named Mario, he was simply called the “Jumpman” who could jump over obstacles.

The American headquarters of Nintendo who at first didn’t like the game and thought it would be a failure, was now busy distributing it and needless to say it was a huge success. Around the same time, the owner of their warehouse showed up demanding rent which they hadn’t paid on time. The staff jokingly started calling the Jumpman, Mario- the name of the landlord and evidently it caught on well.

Introduction of Mario Bros

Finally, Mario had his own name and his own game in 1983 when Miyamoto designed a two-play arcade game. The attraction to this game was the introduction of Luigi, Mario’s brother who looked similar to Mario but was hulky and wore green colored clothes. This is why the game was named Mario bros.

This game also had a strong background story which was set up in the city of New York. The game revolved around areas with a lot of pipes through which the Mario brothers could move to places.

Super Mario Brothers was the next version of the game which was introduced in 1985. This was one among the best-selling video games in history with 24 levels. The introductory tune of the game will still linger around your ears if you try to recall. It was in this version there were power ups and moving from side to side introduced. By the end of this version Super Mario brothers gained maximum fame and this lead to a number of new versions that evolved with time and technology.


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