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R & B auto repair service centre is one of the many used car dealership in Fontana. You can find many model cars up for sale in our inventory. You can get the full list of used car by browsing our online inventory with your mobile phones and computer desktop or laptop system via R & B auto repair and service facility is well known for providing used car dealership in Fontana for many years. We were founded by two friends, Bob DeLozier and Rick Braun. We run with a unique goal “we treat you like family”. When you are looking for a good repair facility to buy used cars, R & B auto repair and service facility is the best place to go. We have been attested as one of the best used car dealers in the whole of Fontana, California in United States of America. As one of the best dealers in used car, the AAA, Approved Auto Repair has given us a AAA approved service. It is of paramount importance to know that any auto repair and service facility that has the logo of AAA on their facility has beeninspected and certified to have good technicians who are skilful in what they do and in general, good service—used car dealership rendered by the facility.

Used car inland empire


There are many used cars which we deal on. We provide used cars of different brands such as the Nissan, Kai, Chevrolet, Honda to our customers. The aforementioned used cars are affordable and functioning well. Anytime you are shopping for good used cars of different models like SUV, truck, vans, RVs,  motorcycle and others; you can come to R & B autorepair and service facility. There are many used car dealership in Fontana in which this particular auto repair service centre is the number one. As one of the best used auto dealership in Inland EmpireFontana, we give you many benefits. We are specialist in giving quality attention to our clients. To get started to check our available used cars, filter the search results using the make of the car you want to buy, the model and the year. It is also needful to inform you that there is trade in offer with R & B auto repair and service used car dealership in Fontana, where you can trade your old car for a new one.

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