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The Valen of Wicked Takes Center Stage

Hamed Wardak is hitting the limelight with a bang and has is bent on maintaining this new position for years to come. This will not be surprising since he has what it takes to maintain this outstanding position for many years.  He is a native of Kabul in Afghanistan and one of the most impressive in the entertainment industry.  He is a musician with a difference and he does to sing just any song; he is known to pass across special and insightful messages via his songs, which is one of the many features that make him a truly outstanding musician.

Hamed Wardak is an all-round entertainer and one with a difference. He has a wonderful educational background and is also one of the best entertainers out there today. Many are also of the opinion that his Afghanistan background contributes a lot to his special status as a top-line entertainer.  Despite his very strong educational background in the United States, he never for once forgot his background. For example, he was on hand in Afghanistan to offer help to the needy during the Afghan War.  He is a home-grown individual with a love for his home country and he has something to offer the world around him for sure.

Budding Entertainer

On returning to the United States after his sojourned in Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak worked in mergers and acquisitions at Merrill Lynch in Pal Alto and New York.  He was saddled with many responsibilities, including the Veeco Instrument’s acquisition of Applied Epi and Avaya’s acquisition of VPNET.  Hamed always sees something beautiful about life and he only sees positive things where others see negativity.  His work on Valen of Wicked makes him an outstanding musician indeed and he is taking this special music to the stage to show the world what he has got to offer. The transforming effect of the Valen is incomparable indeed.

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