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Things to Prepare for a Successful Food Tour

So you have decided to join a food tour. Whether it is your first time or your fifth time, you should prepare to taste the local food and learn about their diverse culture. A day or night before your italy food tours, you should prepare the following things:

Check the country’s weather

Checking the country’s weather should be a part of your preparation. A food tour is similar to a walking tour so you should prepare like you would in a normal walking tour. With this, it is always a prudent idea to check the weather because you will be outside most of the time.

There are tours that cancel due to bad weather. If you want to continue your plans, as it should be, it is crucial that you check the country’s weather. When it is rainy, it is a good idea to bring umbrellas. If the weather is cold, you should dress in layers. During sunny days, do not forget to bring sunscreen.

italy food tours

Wear the right shoes

Since a food tour is similar to a walking tour, you should expect to walk countless hours around a neighborhood. There will be many food tasting, which requires you to stand. Do not assume to always sit in restaurants. If walking or standing is a concern, it is better to take to the company for the details.

Bring medicines

Your clothes, electronics, and shoes are not only the important things you need to secure when preparing for a food tour. You should also bring medicines. Every foodie should keep digestive pills and other medicines in their bags. This is to ensure that you stay healthy during the entire duration of your trip.

Expect to try countless delicacies and experiment with new flavors. These are enough to upset your stomach. At the onset, you should ensure that appropriate medicines are available at all times to help you with any sort of emergency. When on tour, do not ignore your health.

Remember to bring water

Reading the fine print can go a long way. There are some companies that provide complimentary water but there are others that will not. If the company will not provide water, you should bring your own. Water is important for hydration and cleansing your palate in between tastings.

Refrain from eating a big breakfast

As the name suggests, a food tour involves a multi-course meal mixed together. Bear in mind that a good food tour will never leave you hungry. In most cases, it will feel like having two meals at once. If the tour will start mid-morning, you should not overeat breakfast. If the tour will start mid-afternoon, do not plan for a big dinner as well.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that every food tour is different. Its difference will mainly depend on the destination and the cost. If you want a fully immersive experience, you should prepare to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Although food tours are not cheap, the experience will be memorable. Remember that a food tour should never leave you hungry.

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