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Hamed has been wandering since he was young. Fate caused him to be born in a country that has been convulsing with violence for centuries now. The religious dictatorship that had the country in its vice like grip has since been forced to loosen their grip, and Afghanistan has blossomed into a fragile democracy, under the umbrella of America and its Allies. Though his father is the Defense Minister of Afghanistan, Abdul Rahim Wardak, the country has become unsafe, especially for the young and very young. So first young Hamed was packed off to Pakistan, and then when things became dicey there too, he was sent to one of the safest havens in the world, the United States of America. Hamed Wardak was now set to rise and rise.


In America, young Hamed flowered. One of the top boys of his class, his high school results propelled him to a fine degree in Government and Political Science at the famous University of Georgetown. In 1997, Hamed received his degree at the convocation. And as the Valedictorian Student of his class, he was specially rewarded with the Iconic Rhodes Scholarship. Before entering the world of business, Hamed Wardak returned for a brief visit to Afghanistan, to experience firsthand the difficult job of reconstruction. Back in the USA, he threw himself to become a tycoon, achieving in a few years what others never achieve in a lifetime.

Branching Out

But success in acquiring wealth was never going to be enough for this inspired young man, even if it was on behalf of his struggling native countrymen. Music had always been dear, and now he branched out, secretly, into his special love for the Techno genre of music. Under the mask of “Valen of Wicked”, Hamed now adopted a new Persona, which would subsequently result in a massive fan-following.

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