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Web Games With more than 14 years

However, there are plenty of games suitable for children from 3 years. They reward their imagination and ability, while they can improve certain cognitive skills in their development. For example, in 2012, a study with children between 3 and 7 years old who had used the Martha Speaks Dog Party application for 15 days in a row, found an increase in vocabulary in 31 percent of the participants.

Let’s be clear: video games on mobile devices, consoles and computers are a reality 토토사이트 that handle billions of Euros in an increasingly technological world. And children love them. Like cinema or television, they are not harmful in themselves, but rather in the use we make of them, in the same way that a knife is used to cut meat or to dock gas stations. Common sense, then, should prevail in our relationship with children and video games. There is no other formula.

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The goal of your first concert is simple:

  It is worth more a small room full than a large empty room. Ring the horn of  and summon all the hordes of friends, family and acquaintances you can. Then, generate content of that concert. Talk to a good photographer, a videographer who will record the experience … And once you have generated some content, you make the networks and you present yourself with a photo-finish, which is the hero of the concerts.

To get concerts, you have to do a little research: find what room suits your needs

In that search, you will begin to know the atmosphere of rooms in your city, you can follow those rooms in networks and see how the environment moves. Also, you will want to play with other bands in that room

Do you remember the first chapter? “What would Jacob Collier do?” The process of researching bands and halls is a constant practice. Use the internet to train you in your musical environment, in understanding how the industry moves at your level and above. All the information that you acquire, you must collect it . Create a database of rooms, bands … and in the next chapter, I tell you what else.

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