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What Is Life Without A Little Action Here And There?


Of all the philosophical entities in the world there is one that takes the cake of them all and that is the games that we play to ourselves and with others which somehow creates a deeper meaning that we have to find in order for things to work out the way that it should.If that was the case, then things would be just fine and dandy but they are not and that is a problem indeed. The same things apply for the things that make us want to question our motives for doing things and why we always need someone to put the blame on even if we know that is not the fault of the particular person we are blaming.Politics is one of those things that we blame others for and in the aspect of blaming, there is usually good reason for it. Writing about those political farces however is a different story entirely. Especially if that written work is about something far more interesting and a political thriller author Washington dc would see a need to phrase it quite the same way as everyone else who hates their government would put it.

It Is Not About Power

Most of the time, when people say that it is not about the power, it is usually always about the power and sometimes, there is more to it than just playing the blind person who is so deluded to think that it is all about the power. When things go haywire, there is so much a person can do before they have to run to the authorities after that it is someone else’s headache. The power to shape the world is not in weapons and peace talks, it is with language and something that we have all grown accustomed to from the day we learned the basics of language, being books. A political thriller author Washington dc would know that their books are far more impacting on the world than any other legislation by the US senate or by the House of Commons’decision or a decision by the Lok Sabha, whatever the case may be it is always the same result.


Somethings are just left to the people who are actually ready to do things and they are actually ready to make a change in their attitude, the question is are you?

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