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What to Expect and Cost of Lie Detector Test

Lie Detector Tests AKA polygraph examination or tests are mainly used in court proceedings to determine if the person is telling the truth or not. Based on the report of American Polygraph Association, the standard lie detector exam is 80 to 90 percent accurate. But, the level of accuracy of voice stress test is much lower according to the report. A Lie Detector Test is now also used for a variety of purposes to reveal the truth including immigration, robbery, theft, infidelity, sex offender history, vandalism and drug abusing. The test involves using a polygraph machine to monitor and measure the physiological responses in the pulse, blood pressure, skin conductivity and respiration of the suspects.

The Cost Involved in The Lie Detector Test

The Lie Detector Test which is conducted by certified and qualified professional would cost you around $200 to $2000. The price of the test is usually decided based on the length of the test; the all day test would cost you high than the typical two-hour test. The price range of the test also varies depending upon the state you live in. The cost of the test in one state would be different than the cost charged in another state in America.

Lie Detector Test

There are also agencies in USA that offer home Lie Detector Test at a price range which is quite higher than the standard in-office test. However the accuracy of the home testing machine and voice based testers are not considered reliable and the reports are not considered valid for evidences.

What Your Lie Detector Test Must Include?

The typical single-issue Lie Detector Test would last for 2-3 hours and throughout the test 4-6 sensors are attached in the body of the subject. The test involves few pre-test interview questions with the operator and followed by actual examination and collection of physiological data of the suspects. The test ends up with an analysis which will be shared later with the subject.

There is a Police Link which is an online community resource that provides overview of what you should expect from the test. There is also an Employee Polygraph Protection Act that has outlined few guidelines in 1988 which state that all private employers must conduct the Lie Detector Test on their employees. The person who conducts the test is referred as polygraphist which are certified professionals under America Polygraph Association and they are licensed to carry out the polygraph tests on any suspect.

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