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What You Can Do In Knoebels for FREE?

Having fun means a lot of things to different people. And each person has their own definition of what FUN is. It can mean staying home and relaxing or it can be doing and trying new activities and going with your interests. The sad thing is others don’t have the chance to do these things especially since most activities require money.

These days, to be entertained means to pay for something, whether it is a place or a payment for the activity. Wouldn’t it be good to have a place where you can have fun without breaking the bank? This way, you can fully immerse in not feeling stressed at all.

Fortunately, Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg Pennsylvania is there to aid you. Paid attractions and activities are constant, but there are numerous options for FREE fun!

Americana – A proud display of the first ever mechanical form of transport in the US can be found in one of the exhibits. The tools are shown and a miniature one is also running around a makeshift track. People will surely appreciate how important development and improvements are in the field of transportation.

History Museum – The amusement park pays homage to history and treasures all the historical moments happening within the town and within the park itself. The park has a rich and colorful history. Watch it unfold and personally through the different artifacts and items in the museum. Learn more about the museum as well 

Mining Museum – because no one said that one museum is enough, another museum was created. In the area, the first tools for mining are displayed. Children would surely want to know more about this. The specific processes of mining operations in the past are also discussed.

Kozmo’s Play Area – You want to have some adult time all to yourself without worrying about the kids? This is where you should take them. With well-trained and experienced staff and numerous facilities and games for children, it’ll surely be a place to foster friendships and become more social. They’ll also feel more independent and you don’t have to worry about them.

Time Machine Theater – Ever wonder how the world will be if time machines existed? This is the constant topic tackled in this theater. The fascinating stories and fun storytelling activity will surely be a joy to watch. Your kids can also participate and become part of the theater, complete with costumes.


So , what can you do In Knoebels for FREE?– A lot.

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