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Why a gold coin is a top commodity

Gold is probably one of the precious metals to be counterfeited, stolen and being sold as fake. This is because gold is very popular. And one of the very popular ones are gold bars.

But getting one is really hard that is why getting gold in other forms (in smaller forms) is the most common like rings, necklace, pendant, tiara, bracelet and many more. The most common one and is subject to intrigue are gold coins.

The treasure hunt gold: These are considered as bullions and often the subject of a treasure hunt. Make no mistake, gold coins are being made today but isn’t used as a currency. So if someone comes to you out of nowhere or from one of your vacations and tell you that they have gold coins for sale for a low price this should be a red flag for you.

Searching for gold: People search for gold in land and in sea and it’s found usually like a grain of sand, you can even be considered lucky if you get a nugget, but a gold coin? It’s pretty uncommon. It may be hard to tell what karat the gold is but if it looks authentic it doesn’t mean that it is. You just met someone out of nowhere and that person tells you that they are selling real gold coins that they found? It’s pretty suspicious.

The doubt: We’re not belittling the fact that it’s gold and were not belittling that it’s not good either, we just can’t tell unless we happen to be a jeweler with a ton of tools with him on vacation or the people selling the coins have discovery channel guys filming all over. But that’s another story.

The best thing that you can do is, if you are interested ask them to go to the nearest place where you can identify that it’s really gold, a credible one the least. If they don’t it can only raise more suspicion and move on.


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