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Why Chocolate Are Coffee Are A Perfect Combination

Chocolates are a product of processing cacao beans to turn it into a decadent and luscious treat. It’s considered as food for the gods, known for its flavonoids and unique properties. The world has a long history of chocolates and its just half of the story. It’s popular as a ration during world war II, a popular gift during valentines and just a good treat for the depressed and the hungry.

Coffee beans are processed beans that are known to be a very effective stimulant and has an aroma that will attract any person that will smell it. It’s even safe to say that if you grow older coffee is a necessity and that is because it helps start you up especially in a very dragging Monday morning. If you mix chocolate together with coffee, not as a drink but a snack, you might think that it’s weird, since most people are used to munch on chocolates on peanut or Krispies. But chocolate on coffee?

processing cacao beans

It actually has a balanced taste: If you munch on the milk chocolate + coffee. It provides a balance of sweetness and that bitter after taste that the coffee gives. Even if you just set the effects of both foods aside, its a good snack. But heed of caution though, because every bean is a concentrated coffee in its purest form, minus the dilution. So expect that it will hit you with a wave and wave of alertness once you munch on it, so don’t consume too much because you’re going to be so hyperactive and that’s not good.

It’s strong: If you partner dark chocolate and coffee beans, it’s like an espresso shot that has a more robust and smoother taste. Heed of caution though because if you’re not used to taking espresso shots you will be surprised with the intense flavor that comes from both chocolate and coffee. It’s not for beginners, but for the right people, this is a really nice treat and a good option especially if there are no coffee shops around.

Chocolate and coffee are both enjoyed by many people today. And although they have a different history, you can’t really deny that both can have a good marriage. It’s not a common treat especially that coffee is mostly enjoyed as a drink and chocolate is used to be enjoyed in a different way as well. Chocolate and coffee is an entirely different beast of a treat that has bold and surprising flavors. If you love your coffee and you love chocolate there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try this unique treat. If you wish to check out marjoram, click the link.

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