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Why Printers still matter today

Printing machines are a league of its own. This piece of tech might just be the things that are being given free when you purchase a new computer or camera. People might belittle printer since with the advancement of technology like email and cloud services that makes file transfer easier i seems like this is the “printer killer” so to speak.

Or is it? Xerox, Lexmark, HP, Kyocera, Brother just to say a few are some of the of players in he printer industry. The fact is that people still need printers not just because of papers for office But for many other things like photos or example. We still need paper and it a hard habit o break, the evidence? Printers still exists and people still need papers.

The fact here is that:

  • Most companies still prefers to have a paper during interview
  • Most married couples still prefer to have a phonograph for their wedding souvenir
  • Fact: movie scenes are more romantic or emotional if photos are being help instead of phones.
  • Most people still carry resumes even if they pass their application online for good measure
  • Many companies still like to receive paper resumes along with digital ones

So many things to offer: There are still so many things that you can do with a printed paper. Productively and creatively ha having things printed in it makes all the difference in the world. And this is also synonymous with our love or papers. Printers are still the future and as long as we never grew or love for paper t will never go away.

Their flexibility is 2 things, technology and scope. Think about it they are harnessing the technology now and integrating it with printers. What do you get? Something advanced that is worthy of our time and flexible enough to print almost anything to anything.


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